The Two Day Town Core Group invites you to please join us!
Rain & Shine & Freeze Ass Cold...

Evening Town Fund Raiser

Saturday, October 14th, 2017  -  3:00 to 7:00 PM  -  $25 Cash or Check

Hosted by Tesla Vintners, Corner of Tesla & Mines, Livermore

Includes Good Food & Drink, Live Music, Speakers, & Silent Auction

We Need You!
This essential event is held annually to raise funds to help produce the next Two Day Town.
Your participation helps ensure that Two Day Town can continue to exist.

Are you going to just be lion around October 14th? Come on out for a good time and a growler of beer.

If Michael plays and you're not there to listen, will it sound as good? Frankly, yes, it will.

Please help keep Two Day Town rolling by joining our fund raising drive. If it's cool out, bring a parka.

Two Day Town is nothing without you and your friends...

Your donation of $25 helps keep Two Day Town going, and it's a good deal too. You get a great opportunity to mingle with your Two Day Town friends and we provide you really good food and beverages (including beer & wine), some fine music by Two Day Town performers, our Superlative Silent Auction, Doc Hale's wildlife presentation Current Status of East Bay Wildlife with highlights on Doc's Native American, Salmon, Steelhead, and Mountain Lion research, and the Express Your Selfie photo booth.

The food menu for this year is pending, but last year included BBQ Tri-Tip + sides and that was yummy stuff. It will be good this year, too. For music (lineup has changed!), we have Jonny & Friends [TDT/many bands], Meredith McHenry [TDT '18!], Jack Quigley [TDT '12-'17], and Outside Katz [TDT 'all, in some fashion or another]. Where else can you hear great music and get fed and watered like this for a mere $25? The Superlative Silent Auction will have a wide assortment of stuff you just can't live without, but if you happen to have some really good stuff that you can live without, we'll be happy to auction it off for you, and for us!

This event is open to everyone, but we reserve the right to refuse service. $25 per person at the door for everybody* that has had 12 or more birthdays. No Charge for our future leaders still awaiting their 12th birthday. This event makes a huge difference in funding Two Day Town. We LEAVE NO TRACE, as always.
Two Day Town Hotline: 510 418-4707 (leave a message, and please be patient).

Tesla Vintners is located at 5143 Tesla Road on the South side of Livermore, just barely East of the Mines Road turn-off that takes you to Del Valle & Two Day Town. Their phone number is 925 606-WINE [606-9463].

Most of what is needed to produce Afternoon Town is donated by you and your friends. Thank you very much to everyone that helps make this event, and Two Day Town, happen. We'd be a very tiny group without our volunteers and supporters.

* "Everybody"  means just that. Everyone attending kicks in for the cause, including core group members, volunteers, donaters, singers & players, food providers, sound & security crews, and the entire oversight committee.