A State Of Mind

Leave No Trace

Family Camping and Community Music

Friday, Saturday & Sunday, April 24 – 26, 2020
Lake Del Valle Regional Park, Ohlone Wilderness
Livermore, California, Earth




What Is Two Day Town?

Two Day Town is a Leave-No-Trace family oriented camping and community music event held each year during the last full weekend of April at Lake Del Valle Regional Park, with an emphasis on East Bay social family ties. This beautiful park, nestled in the hills South of Livermore, abuts the Ohlone Wilderness and provides a serene environment for getting away from the hustle of everyday life.

We offer three days of live-on-stage local music with live-mixed professional quality sound, uncountable impromptu jam sessions among the hundreds of musicians, tent & RV camping either on the Two Day Town site or in the adjacent regional park campground, a staffed creative activity area for kids, and catered food service for those that don’t want to prepare their own meals.

Two Day Town provides an opportunity for people to strengthen long term relationships in an inviting setting, and to simply relax and enjoy the people, music and activities. As a group, our purpose is to take responsibility for creating a better world in our little space, one weekend at a time. We maintain a Leave-No-Trace philosophy and we leave the park in better condition than we find it!

Performer Call

Now accepting performer applications, please use the following link to start the process

Two Day Town 2020 – Performer Application

TDT 2020 is tentatively scheduled for April 24-26. Event permit is in progress/process.

We are very happy to report that Two Day Town 2020 is working through District’s permit process. We have had excellent communication with the Park District, and we are working towards accomplishing the various permit requirements to put on an event we can both be proud of. There will likely be a couple rule changes to increase safety for our guests and we will keep you updated on this web page as details are finalized. We will announce when TDT 2020 is officially a go! Check the events below – we’ve got some things happening!

2020 RV & Car Parking Reservations

Everyone who purchased Reserved RV spots over the last couple of years will be able to re-up these reservations basically on the same terms as before.

There are very few spaces still available for newcomers.

Roughly 75 Reserved Parking slots in the lower lot will be available on a first come first paid basis.

Contact Parking Czar Mike Viramontes for more info.   tdtparking@gmail.com

Upcoming Events  

Thank you to all involved for making Evening town a smashing success!! We will post pictures of the festivities soon.

Pre Christmas Stocking Stuffer sales will begin early in December.

Not Valentine’s Day Volunteers Party Sunday February 16

First chance to grab your favorite Volunteer Slots.

April 24-26 TDT 2020

Event Food Service  


We are still in the process of securing an exceptional food truck for our event.

Watch this space!

Wanna watch a Two Day Town video?

Here is a link to a video by Jeff MacKinnon featuring the music of Crawdad Republic, a band you can find on our main stage every year.  

Click for the Two Day Town video on youtube

Will there be weather?

You bet there will be. Expect sunny & warm, or cool & breezy, or wet & wild, or frosty & blustery. We guarantee we’ll be there regardless, Rain & Shine & Freeze Ass Cold

Livermore weather forecast

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Two Day Town Map
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Two Day Town map by Kelli Pearson