Two Day Town is a Leave-No-Trace family-oriented camping and community music event and will be held June 20-23 this year!
We will be enjoying a new location this year at Rancho Los Mochos in the Livermore hills!

Click here for General Information about the new site.

Due to the limited comfortable capacity at this new venue, THERE WILL BE NO TICKETS SOLD AT THE GATE

A message from James Benney:

ALL I CAN SAY IS THAT I TOTALLY APPRECIATE every single person who stood up and contributed to the spirit and realization of Two Day Town for 20 plus years. Every year our measure of success was that EBRPD would let us do it again. Still, there are a lot of people who I know, and people I don’t know, that I would like to say THANK YOU to.

yours truly,
James Benney