Coming this year – June 20-23, at Rancho Los Mochos in the Livermore hills.

Why Two Day Town

Leave No Trace Family Camping and Community Music

Pioneered by Two Day Town for 25 years at Lake Del Valle in Livermore California these low key, easy to produce, limited risk events serve the broader local population in a number of important ways.

Leave No Trace

This simple act unifies young and old with a collective purpose that promotes a broader understanding of how the general public should treat their public parks and parklands.

We accomplished this by handing out garbage bags at our front gate with printed instructions on how to reduce camping waste, which was easy and very effective. Peer pressure and awareness helped solidify the overall spirit of the event.

Every year we left the park more free of litter than when we arrived.

This needs to become a generally accepted cultural practice so that Park Rangers and Supervisors can focus their efforts on educating park visitors about their environment and surroundings rather than being tied up with garbage collection duties.

Family Camping

Many of the advantages of Family Camping for our culture and society are universally recognized.

An important consideration is that it can be one of the least expensive ways to enjoy quality vacation time. Once you have your tent, sleeping bags, and pads you’re good to go for many years.

Properly managed, our parks offer excellent locations to support this activity.

Community Music

There are many distinct approaches to this concept ranging from the San Francisco Free Folk Festival to Coachella type productions.

Two Day Town uniquely focused on promoting Original Local Music of all kinds.

Many talented musicians, youthful and seasoned, lack venues to freely express their most personal compositions. We offered them a stage, a PA, and a supportive audience. No one had to listen to anything they didn’t like and there was no reason for anyone to be too judgmental.

All of our performers volunteered in exchange for the opportunity to perform, camp out with fellow artists, and play music around campfires late into the night.

A State of Mind – The History of Two Day Town

The people that make it happen

Two Day Town would not be possible without the coordinated efforts of many people. At the center of everything are a few very dedicated individuals providing vision, direction, and capital. They are assisted by the Core Group that helps plan, prepare, and manage the event, and everyone is helped by the many event volunteers that provide essential services during the weekend. It takes all of these people working together toward a common goal to create the community environment that can be enjoyed by everyone.

Two Day Town management is a group of local people who care about the communities in and around the Bay Area, the environment around us, and the need for interacting with one another in a positive way. It is important to us that when you join us for a few days, you feel comfortable and safe in your surroundings. When you leave we want you to have a sense of fulfillment, and be happy that you made the choice to have a weekend away from the routine chaos and stress of everyday life.

The event volunteers are a critical part of Two Day Town, performing all sorts of tasks that are needed to make the weekend go smoothly. A large percentage of the volunteers have been with us for several years, and their growing knowledge of how things work makes managing the event much easier. They are deeply appreciated. We are fortunate to have teams of repeat volunteers that have formed by growing a group of friends year after year.

We invite you to become a part of Two Day Town in whatever capacity suits you. Whether you come to relax and enjoy, assist as a volunteer, or jump in head first as an Aide-de-Camp, we welcome you.

Two Day Town Background

The first Two Day Town was held April 27th, 28th, and 29th of 2001. It has been held every year since, with a one year hiatus in 2019, always over the last full weekend of April and was always at the West Shore picnic area of Del Valle Regional Park. East Bay Parks allows Two Day Town to use the entire picnic area West of the bridge that crosses Arroyo Del Valle. Over the years we have slowly grown to fill more and more of the area surrounding the main picnic area and field, and in the future we hope to continue our organic growth.

Many of the performing artists have played Two Day Town before, and a few have been with us every year. All of the performers volunteer their time and talent, and some also help in the management of Two Day Town. We cannot thank them enough for their generous contributions.

Two Day Town has enjoyed a variety of weather conditions, none of which have ever dampened our spirits or caused significant delays. We intend to carry on, rain and shine, no matter what Mother Nature dishes out. We have come to expect a little (or a lot) of rain, which makes a sunny weekend day a gift. There has been downpouring rain and stiff winds, but the music played on. We plan on maintaining that tradition.

Two Day Town occurs in nature so it is normal to be visited by the area wildlife. In past years we have had the company of eagles, wild turkeys, raccoons, skunks, at least one wildcat, turkey vultures, geese, oppossums, deer, coyotes, falcons, squirrels, and other small critters. Along the waterfront in the morning it is not unusual to see herons, egrets, and other large water loving birds. Because this park and the surrounding area is their home and not ours, we request that you respect their space and leave no trace of your visit.