Leave No Trace

Two Day Town embodies the Leave No Trace philosophy. We practice it at home, and bring it to Two Day Town events. In it’s simplest form, Do Not Leave A Mark. If you’re on a trail, do not crush the vegetation. If you are in a camp, leave your area at least cleaner and untouched as you arrived. Simply do what is best for the environment, which is leave it alone. If you live by this, you’ll be doing your part!

Is glass allowed in the park?

It is important to keep the lawns, beaches, and parking lots free of broken glass. Bring your beverages in cans or plastic bottles, and as much as practical bring your food in reusable or recyclable containers that go home with you.

Can I bring styrofoam ice chest and containers?

Styrofoam breaks, crumbles, does not biodegrade, and is a trash & recycling problem. Cheap, disposable styrofoam coolers cost more in the long run, so please don’t buy or bring them.

Are beer and wine allowed?

You may have beer and wine in most areas, including the camping and RV parking areas, but not in other parking areas, and not in glass containers.

I like to party-hardy, what is allowed?

Hard liquor is not acceptable. No drunks, no druggies, no weapons. No further explanation necessary. Our security team would prefer not to have to escort you off site or call for outside assistance because of your actions.

Do you allow smoking or vaping?

Smoking and vaping are not permitted under Section 38 rules. Park rules prohibit these and violators could be cited by park police.

What are the noise restrictions?

Drumming must stop at 10:00 P.M. each night so that sleepy people in nearby public campground areas outside of Two Day Town are not disturbed. Acoustic music other than drumming can go later into the night.

May I bring my generator?

No generators or amplified noise or music except for Two Day Town production & facility needs. If a generator is medically necessary please limit use to 10:30 to 11:00 A.M.

What are the wristbands for?

Everyone at Two Day Town will wear our wristband. No exceptions. This policy allows our security monitors to quickly identify & remove people not properly associated with the event.

Can I bring my pet?

For a variety of environmental & management reasons pets are not allowed, with the exception of handicap, visually impaired, and medical assistance animals.

Are there trash bins to use?

There are no trash bins to use. Come prepared to do your own waste management. You had room to bring it in, so there’s room to take it out when you leave. Bring less, take less home.

Are fires allowed for cooking?

Cooking fires are permitted in the barbecue grills located in the picnic areas, but please avoid using charcoal or charcoal lighter fluid as it is very damaging to the air quality. For much cleaner cooking use a propane or butane fueled portable camp-stove.

Are campfires allowed?

Due to the wildfire danger California is experiencing, we are currently waiting for approval from the Fire Marshall on whether fires will be allowed and where they will be allowed. IF campfires are allowed, you are required to have a fire extinguisher nearby. More to come as we know it.
Only clean, non-processed wood may be burned. Park wood may not be gathered. No accelerants may be used. No bonfires are allowed. Campfires must be attended at all times until they are completely extinguished.

May I attached lighting to the nearby trees?

No items (lights, signs, hammocks, nails, clothing, decorations, etc.) may be attached to or hung from trees, vegetation, or park structures.

What are restrictions for vehicles and boats?

No off-road use of vehicles. Event Two Day Town carts must stay on roads or paved surfaces and may not leave the event site.
No boats or kayaks may be brought onto the lake from Lake Del Valle’s west shore during the event.

Is first-aid available?

Two Day Town maintains a low key First Aid station for minor scrapes & bruises. For serious injuries or illness we will call for outside services.

Is there an evacuation plan for emergencies?

Instructions will be provided if an evacuation from the event is necessary.

Is there telephone service?

Cell phone service is not available at the event location. A pay phone is located near the park’s visitor center.

Can I hand out flyers to sell my goods?

Please help us preserve a weekend away from soliciting. Do not bring event fliers or cards for public distribution. We reserve the right to refuse service.

Where is info about RV parking and camping?

You can find information regarding RV camping and parking here. You can also email for further questions here.