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Prize Give-Away Information



Since 2006 we have held a free prize give-away drawing, usually some time early in the Saturday evening Main Stage music performances. Most often we don’t quite know what we’ll have to offer until late in the game, thus it is a challenge to try to provide a listing here. There are usually a variety of prizes ranging from small & simple items like show tickets, band CDs, and t-shirts to the amazing handmade guitars and other salvaged-and-made-great-again instruments provided by Kenny Williams.

One of the annual highlights of the give-away is picking the winner of the quilt made from drawing squares created by prior year Two Day Towners. These are spectacular quilts, designed and sewn with love & care by Gail & Kinney Tennis. They have been huge supporters of Two Day Town from the start, and have put in many hundreds of hours making these beautiful quilts to be gifted to a very lucky person.

2013 Give-Away Guitar