Crawdad Republic
The Mundaze
Michael McNevin
The UnConcord
Jack Quigley
Thrown Out Bones
Gypsy Conspiracy
Roy Jeans
The Midnites
Mark Clarin and The Front Porch
Frankie Bones Project,
And Many More!
We support Original Local Music and Musicians.

This is your invitation to apply to play at Two Day Town 2024. Big changes this year as we embark on a new venue at Rancho Los Mochos. Capacity will be limited to a much smaller number of tickets as we test drive this new venue.

Two Day Town will be Friday 6/21, Saturday 6/22, and Sunday 6/23.

Criteria for selection:

  • Campers/Carpoolers – There is limited space at this venue for cars. We need people that will be up there the whole weekend to limit the in and out traffic. Tent camping is preferred. Limited small RV space is available. Contact James to inquire. (best chance is to plan to do without).
  • Original Music – This year we can only book 100% original music. No covers. We cannot book cover artists due to hefty licensing fees issued to festivals from publishing companies. Artists at Two Day Two must own and play 100% original music that they have written. 
  • Volunteer – Two Day Town does not have a budget to pay artists, when you apply to perform you are volunteering. Artists receive two free tickets per band member to the event.