We are offering reserved on-site RV camping and personal vehicle parking spaces.
Requests for space are being accepted now, via the email links below.
Volunteer at the Not Valentine’s Day Volunteer Party for first pick on space.

This information is for everybody that camps or wants to park a personal vehicle in either of the on-site parking lots. All space in both lots is now reserved and includes fees for camping or parking.

“RV Camping” includes pretty much any form of inside-a-vehicle camping and is available in both the upper lot & lower lot. “Car Parking” is limited to the lower lot, although we may stuff a few cars into any available space in the upper lot. Paying for RV space does not include parking space for a personal or tow vehicle.

Persons displaying valid disability parking permits are exempt from vehicle parking fees. Our parking staff will assist in procuring suitable parking spaces for all permitted personal vehicles.

RV Camping – Upper & Lower Lots

The upper lot is designated for RV camping and is already substantially reserved by groups that secured space for two years when we started reservations in 2017. The lower lot is now being handled in the same way, with space secured by a $200 two year site license plus an annual camping fee of $100. Guests that camped in the lower lot previously have been offered their favorite space and most have chosen to pay for the space and stay there. Most of the parking space along the edges of the lower lot will be for RVs, and there is currently some space available.

The RV Camping fees are per site, not per parking space, and our staff will work with guests to reasonably accomodate their space needs. Camping in a vehicle in a single parking space is treated like other RV Camping, except at 1/2 the rate; $100 for a two year site license plus $50 annual camp fee.

Because of the time & staff required to get RVs situated, all RVs are expected to be on site by 6:00 PM Thursday. Late RV arrivals will be allowed in when staff is available to assist in parking, which could be a while when we’re swamped. Anyone reserving RV space that is not on site by noon on Friday will be considered a No-Show, forfeiting all rights to the space they reserved.

Lower Lot Car Parking

Roughly 75 parking spaces in the middle of the Lower Lot are being reserved for personal vehicle parking at $100 per space. Once paid for, a single parking space is yours for the duration of the event.

We prefer that you don’t move your vehicle after arriving, but if you do move it you may not have the same space on returning. Leaving a cone or pink flamingos or anything else as a space holder is not cool, although flamingos would be a nice try.

How To Request RV Camping Space

To request RV space in the lower lot use this lower lot map to find your preferred location and then send us email telling us who you are, where you want to be placed, some info about your rig, and if you’ve been in that space in prior years.

How To Request Parking Space

To request a space in the lower lot for your personal vehicle send us email telling us who you are and how many spaces you want to reserve.

How to pay for your space

For now we’re having to go old school on this one, with payment by check. We’ll tell you the details when we respond to your reservation request. If we run out of space for either RVs or cars we’ll post it here.

What about Free Parking?

There will still be free parking all along the road leading to Two Day Town, and like the last decade or so we expect a lot of vehicles to park there. The parking shuttle will be running this year and we hope to expand the operating hours. There will also be designated off-site space for free parking for tow vehicles that came in with RVs attached.

Why isn’t the Lower Lot still free? (aka ‘hundred bucks? really?’)

Simple economics. If we didn’t implement paid parking the event would not continue. Selling space in the upper lot kept Two Day Town 2017 from being the final Two Day Town. We didn’t want to increase ticket prices, and when we asked our RV lot veterans if they would be willing to pay for space they overwhelmingly said yes because they knew that if some money didn’t flow in there wouldn’t be a Two Day Town to attend. We believe that turning the Lower Lot into a similar revenue source will help keep tickets affordable and allow us to improve some other guests services.