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Stroll down memory lane with Two Day Town’s most current to early festival posters, each including a bit of literary history and some ‘inside’ information!


While music goes hand-in-hand with Two Day Town, so does family, community, and learning about different cultures, philosophies, and spirits. Everyone has a place at Two Day Town.

Photo: unknown
Graphic Design: Eric Akeson

2018 poster


Music and fun are the mainstay. How they happen at Two Day Town is a wide embrace of the LEAVE NO TRACE philosophy. Let’s leave our mark on this planet in joyous, environmentally cool ways!

Poi Ball Dancer: Martina Jeans (Roy Jeans daughter)
Photo: Ron Tripp
Graphic Design: Eric Akeson

2017 poster


Participation, that’s what it’s about. While Two Day Town might be a great place to chill out, we encourage you to get up and get your groove on. Go meet some new friends, dance with some kids (Thanks, Pat Mitchell Rusich!), explore & discover. And volunteer, of course… We love our volunteers, which is everybody that does anything to make Two Day Town happen. Thank you thank you thank you!

Photo: Lisa Vorderbrueggen
Graphic design: Eric Akeson

2016 poster


I see Mark, Bobby, Doc, Jim, James, Tom, Kenny, Eric, Xandor, Ariela, Joe, Laura, Teddy, Brian, Michael, Jami, Roy, Lesley, Cheryl, Gigi…    and that’s without my glasses.

Notice the new emphasis on LEAVE NO TRACE. Right there at the top. Yep, that’s us. It’s not a new thing, but we want everyone to know we’re serious about it. Not just at Two Day Town, but as a regular everyday practice.

Photos: Various
Graphic design: Eric Akeson

2015 poster


Jerry Butterfield
October 26, 1953 ~ July 5, 2014

“We have lost a good brother, who was like the spirit of musical celebration, and loved all people, and loved nature, and the earth, and the forest, and he loved life. So now I will cherish the ones we still have with us, as he did, and I will always cherish Jerry who was so loving in his spirit towards everyone, and to me as his brother.”  -Kean Butterfield

Photo: Lisa Vorderbrueggen
Graphic design: Eric Akeson

2014 poster


One of the things we’ve tried to do over the years is have a wide variety of music. There’s something for everyone, including some excellent drumming that just begged for dancers. When the 2013 artist list included a repeat performance by Tri-Pulse Drum Circle Ensemble, these Two Day Town’ers took it upon themselves to come up with dance numbers to go along with the music and the band was happy to oblige.

Photo: Lisa Vorderbrueggen
Graphic design: Eric Akeson

2013 poster


Two Day Town is much more than a typical music festival. It is a place where families and friends can have a relaxing weekend, where kids can run about in a safe place, and where musicians can gather and share their talent with others. For the people responsible for managing the event, and for many of our volunteers, it is a labor of love. We do this because every year when we wrap things up we are elated. Exhausted also, but mostly elated, and already talking about next year. We sincerely hope that you go home with those same feelings.

Photos: Jami Fender
Graphic design: Eric Akeson

2012 poster


Kenny Williams has been a Two Day Town Core Group member from the start. He’s already been everywhere at TDT so putting him on a poster was one of the few places he hadn’t been. He organized our Gospel gatherings, and has managed stage set-up, band bookings, trash & recycle, Free Prize Give-Aways, and much more. He has played on our stage at least once every year. Kenny builds, plays, and repairs a variety of stringed instruments as The Axe Doctor. He has donated three beautiful guitars and several cigar box mandolins that have been given away as Free Prizes, all incorporating Two Day Town inspired art work. We’d be seriously hampered without Kenny on our permanent crew. Thank you, Kenny.

Photo: Lisa Vorderbrueggen
Talk to Kenny about your next guitar.
Graphic design: Eric Akeson

2011 poster


Two Day Town Mayor & Master of Ceremonies Michael Ferrucci on a montage of photos of Two Day Town participants.

Every town needs a Mayor and Two Day Town is no exception. Michael is our tongue-in-cheek headmaster, filling in between acts with commentary, announcements, and band introductions. He has brought a mini music store to Two Day Town for many years as a service to our guests & performers and has donated many give-away items to the cause.

Photos: Various Two Day Town’ers
Mayor: Michael Ferrucci
Graphic design: Eric Akeson

2010 poster


Naturalist Doc Hale holds a big rattlesnake he’s not going to bbq for dinner (40 year Vegan). We like to remind our crowd that we are camping in the Ohlone Wilderness, and that a heightened awareness of our surroundings is required at all times. Doc is a pro, with decades of experience working as a biologist, naturalist, and ethnobiologist. He has extensive knowledge and is deeply involved in helping manage and preserve the natural resources of the Bay & Delta region. Join Doc on a Wildlife Walk to tap into his amazing knowledge of what is around you at Two Day Town.

Snake Handler: Doc Hale
Graphic design: Eric Akeson

2009 poster


Roy Jeans, our Front Gate Commander since before Day One, struts his finest git-walk against a background image of our Two Day Town home at Lake Del Valle. And don’t forget Roy is the proprietor of Armando’s in Martinez, the best intimate music club ever to surface beyond the Caldecott Tunnel.

Graphic design: Eric Akeson

2008 poster


John Finger’s watercolor painting depicting the Volvon Indian Village in Morgan Territory, used as the cover illustration for James Benney’s guidebook Native American Indian Sites In The East Bay Hills.

Original watercolor: John Finger

2007 poster


A John Finger watercolor looking across Lake Del Valle at an active Two Day Town. East Bay Parks has granted Two Day Town exclusive use of the west shore picnic and beach areas since our inception in 2001. No other group currently enjoys this privilege, and we’ve been welcomed back every year because of the value of this event to the community and our dedication to leaving the park in better condition than we found it.

Original watercolor: John Finger

2006 poster


The poster that was used in 2007 debuted in 2006 with event information superimposed by artist Dorcas Moulton. Dorcas produced our inside-flyer art for several years, along with playing ripping accordion with the Butterfield Brothers. We loved this poster, so we used it twice.

Original watercolor: John Finger
Graphic artist: Dorcan Moulton

2005 poster


Graphic artist Dorcas Moulton composed this flyer for us for 2005. After several years of occasional showers at Two Day Town we changed our motto from Rain OR Shine to Rain AND Shine. Since then we added AND Freeze Ass Cold. Still, we remain undeterred.

Graphic artist: Dorcas Moulton

2004 poster


Sherry Gumbert Morris put this fine piece of work together for us, as well as the recent gift of the Gospel Hour Songbook, building on a popular Saturday and Sunday morning tradition at Two Day Town.

Graphic artist: Sherry Lynn Morris

2003 poster


We were trying to establish a different tone to our weekend by featuring yoga classes right from the start, attempting to convey the message that Two Day Town was not some place to just come and blast loud music and get hammered for three days, as some of our early participants tended to do. Sun Salutation led by Betsy Cozart.

Design concept: James Benney
Graphic artist: Terry Peters

2002 poster


This is part of a design by Terry Peters originally offered in 1997 as a mural concept for the Bay Bridge Yerba Buena Island tunnel going into San Francisco (it had an outline of the city between the figures over the bay) but was rejected by the San Francisco Arts Commission as being racist, sexist, inappropriate for the site and heaven knows what else. We just glommed it onto Lake Del Valle.

Design concept: James Benney
Graphic artist: Terry Peters

2001 poster


After Festival Del Arroyo sputtered and failed in 1998-1999 our Core Group resurrected the concept as Two Day Town with the emphasis being on creating a more intimate social dynamic in our community rather than focusing exclusively on ways to squeeze more money out of everybody. Our cowboys were going to protect the heart of the matter.

Design concept: James Benney
Graphic artist: Terry Peters