The Two Day Town Site

Two Day Town 2024 will be at Rancho Los Mochos (18450 Mines Rd, Livermore, CA 94550), a Boy Scout Camp on Mines Road in Livermore, ½ hour from Lake Del Valle. Two Day Town will transform the site into a music venue and campground.

Driving Directions

  • Take I-580 to Livermore, exit at North Livermore Ave. and go South.
  • Follow North Livermore Ave. through central Livermore and out the south side of town.
  • North Livermore Ave. changes to South Livermore Ave, then becomes Tesla Rd. South of town.
  • Follow Tesla Rd. for about 1/2 mile.
  • Turn right (South) on Mines Rd. and follow it for about 3 miles.
  • Be sure to turn left on Mines Road before going up to Lake Del Valle.
  • Turn right at the 14.95 mile marker. 

Driving Notes

Through traffic (you) on Livermore Ave. has to be in the left lane after the downtown rail underpass. Right (wrong!) lane traffic must turn right. That’s about a mile from I-580 as you approach downtown where the road dips under the rails.

Mines Road is very steep and winding as it ascends toward Rancho Los Mochos.

It is 14.95 Miles up Mines Road. Do not hurry!

Drive slowly up the lightly pot holed road to the TDT camp.

Camping & Picnic Areas

Tent camping and picnicking is allowed in most areas within the limits of Two Day Town.

Some guests like to be close by the stage area, while others prefer more solitude away from the amplified music. All space is first-come, first-served, but there is plenty of room for everyone.

RV Camping

All RV sites are by advance reservation only and will be directed to available locations. There are no on-site facilities for water filling or waste dumping within Two Day Town. Please assure that your batteries are at full charge before you arrive, because generator use is not allowed.

Two Day Town Parking

Event parking will be all new, play it as it lays in the new venue. You will be directed to camp areas and will be able to park near your camp. The main gate on Mines Road will open from 8AM to 8 PM daily and otherwise locked with no convenient access in or out.

Restrooms & Showers

There are restrooms and hot showers open for use by Two Day Town guests. We will also have additional porta potties spread around as needed and will be pumped out daily. There will be no solar sun showers available this year.

On-Site Facilities & Other Stuff

Your cell phone may not have service at Two Day Town. It is better to plan on being incommunicado for the weekend. The pay phones have a history of not always being in working condition.

The nearest grocery store is nowhere near Two Day Town. Plan ahead, bring everything you need for the weekend, and sit tight. Remember to pack for a no-impact visit and expect to take home everything you came with that you didn’t eat or drink. The less disposable stuff you bring the less you have to take home.

Prior to Two Day Town, trash cans are removed from the site. You are expected to be responsible for your own waste stream so leave the disposable items at home and you will have less trash to deal with. We go beyond low impact, striving for NO impact, and because of this the park is cleaner when we leave than when we arrive. Think reduce, reuse, recycle. It does a planet good, and we only get one.

Fire Pits

There are numerous fire pits already there and we will provide a cord to get started. Small commercial grade fire pits are allowed but you will need to dispose of your ashes in an existing permanent pit. Any fire must be constantly attended with a small fire extinguisher handy nearby.