There are many different volunteer opportunities and no matter the position, we are looking for crew members who are punctual, responsible, honest, take pride in their work, realize the importance of representing Two Day Town, and help us keep the ball rolling. If you’re interested, mark your calendar for February 11 and come to the Not Valentine’s Day Volunteer Party” and get first pick at tasks and times. Party details coming soon via mail & email, or call the hot-line.

Two Day Town Volunteers can receive their Weekend Passes free and get extended camping privileges.

It’s easy and fun to participate! Two Day Town relies on a Volunteer Army for its success, and each year over two hundred community volunteers lend a hand to make this event a great experience for everyone. We have tasks suitable for volunteers as young as 13 and can often pair up people that want to work together.

Volunteers help out by working two shifts that are typically 4 hours each. There are many positions and time slots to choose from so there’s something to suit everyone’s preference, ability, and schedule. Volunteer sign-ups begin in February at our annual Not Valentine’s Day Volunteer Party, and after that you can contact us via the Volunteer Hotline up until a few days before the event. Choices are all first come – first served, so come to the party or contact us promptly afterward while the pickin’s are good.

In exchange for helping out you will be admitted free. Volunteers also have the option of entering the site as early as Thursday morning and may stay over Sunday night also! Thursday night is full of anticipation and last minute preparations, and Sunday night is like the calm after the storm. Both are always delightful, rain and shine.

Since there are no reserved camping spaces at Two Day Town, volunteers that arrive Thursday have the opportunity to claim their favorite camp site before our regular guests begin arriving Friday morning. Tents can be set up on the lawn after sunrise on Friday.