Leave No Trace
Family Camping and Community Music

Friday, Saturday & Sunday, April 27 - 29, 2018
Lake Del Valle Regional Park, Ohlone Wilderness
Livermore, California, Earth

What Is Two Day Town?

Two Day Town is a Leave-No-Trace family oriented camping and community music event held each year during the last full weekend of April at Lake Del Valle Regional Park, with an emphasis on East Bay social family ties. This beautiful park, nestled in the hills South of Livermore, abuts the Ohlone Wilderness and provides a serene environment for getting away from the hustle of everyday life.

We offer three days of live-on-stage local music with live-mixed professional quality sound, uncountable impromptu jam sessions among the hundreds of musicians, tent & RV camping either on the Two Day Town site or in the adjacent regional park campground, a staffed creative activity area for kids, and catered food service for those that don't want to prepare their own meals.

Two Day Town provides an opportunity for people to strengthen long term relationships in an inviting setting, and to simply relax and enjoy the people, music and activities. As a group, our purpose is to take responsibility for creating a better world in our little space, one weekend at a time. We maintain a Leave-No-Trace philosophy and we leave the park in better condition than we find it.

Pre-Event Ticket Sale Is Under Way

Get your TDT passes ahead of time and save some money!

Click for Tickets page
You can get your Two Day Town Event Passes now, save a few bucks off the gate price, and if we reach capacity again this year you will be assured of entry. While everything else seems to be going up (except that paycheck...) we're trying to give you a real break by keeping the cost of Two Day Town the same as in 2016 & 2017. For the best deal, gather up a group and take advantage of our Family Pack discount.
Join our Volunteer Army!

Mark your calendar for February 11

Click for Volunteer! page
We sincerely hope that you are just antsy with anticipation about volunteering for Two Day Town 2018. For now, bottle up that enthusiasm and hold on to it until we kick off our recruitment effort at the Not Valentine's Day Volunteer Party on Sunday, February 11. Come mingle with your Two Day Town compatriots, have a snack & beverage, and get first pick at time slots for your favorite volunteer opportunities.
2018 RV Parking Reservations

Both upper & lower lots are now reserved/paid parking

Click for [future] Parking & Reservation Info page
(no link yet; page pending...)
In 2017 we implemented a paid reservation system for the Upper RV Lot. It was a necessary step to keep Two Day Town financially viable. The experiment worked and helped substantially in covering 2017 event expenses but unfortunately we still don't break even. We are hoping that by expanding the reservation system to the Lower Lot we can reach stability and keep ticket price increases minimal. We have not quite finalized the plan for 2018 but that will be forthcoming soon. Guests that have a history of using favorite spots in the Lower Lot will have first dibs on those spots. We know most of you pretty well. More info will be posted soon, and we will probably begin offering space in late February.
Upcoming Events

Here's what's in the pipeline...

late November: Performer selection process closed

Sunday, December 24: Stocking Stuffer Sale lasts until midnight Christmas Eve

Sunday, February 11: Not Valentine's Day Volunteer Party in Lafayette

Friday & Saturday, February 16 & 17: Two Day Town Feb-Fest at R-Place in Livermore

Saturday, April 21: Last day to purchase tickets on-line

Monday, April 23: Last ticket mail-out day

Friday, April 27: Two Day Town opens to all!

Food Service Status

Probably similar to 2017

Our new normal is not having use of the food concession facility. The building is being repurposed by the park service, so going forward we will be arranging some alternate way of providing our guests with food service. In 2017 we had Pleasant Hill's Steel Smokin' BBQ & Catering bring in a food truck that parked near the top of the lower parking lot. For 2018 we will probably make similar arrangements although at this early date nothing has been nailed down. You can click for their 2017 TDT BBQ menu

Did you miss Evening Town?

Back in mid October we had a great turn-out for our Evening Town fund raiser at Tesla Vintners in Livermore. It was the best deal in town for a fun evening out. If you missed this one, shame shame, but put a note on your February calendar for Feb Fest and the Not Valentine's Day Volunteer Party.

Click for the archived Evening Town page
Wanna watch a Two Day Town video?

Here's a link to a short YouTube video by our friends John Waller and Mark Holzinger, who have played on our stage every year since the first Two Day Town in 2001. The link opens a new tab or window in your browser. Thank you John & Mark!

Click for the Two Day Town video on youtube
Will there be weather?

You bet there will be. Expect sunny & warm, or cool & breezy, or wet & wild, or frosty & blustery. We guarantee we'll be there regardless, Rain & Shine & Freeze Ass Cold

Livermore weather forecast
Prospective Performers take note...

Mark your calendar for much earlier next year!

We know this breaks your heart, and we're sorry, but we're pretty much done with the artist selection process for 2018. We received about a jillion six requests to perform and are actively sifting through the mountain of talent trying to figure out how to get a hunnerd plus 'really good' acts into thirty something slots. It's hard, you know. They don't squeeze down so well.

Two Day Town Map
Click for large image
Two Day Town map by Kelli Pearson